Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hello Fall

Good afternoon September!

I am staring out my window at my completely and utterly dead sunflower. My brother-in-law gave it to me in June and it started managed to triple in size before the birds ate all of its leaves and now my sunflower is dead. Awesome.

School has started. Next week the elementary school news broadcast I run begins. This would be the best job ever...if everyone* in the school didn't have an opinion on how the program needs to be run. I love waking up and spending the first hour of my working day in a crowded studio (storage closet) with twelve excited kids jumping off the walls. You can't find caffeine that will wake you up like that. This broadcast is, however a completely thankless job. All of the equipment is analog...analog=VHS tapes. No big deal, just takes more time to edit and put together video clips.

To welcome the children back to their news broadcast and kick off the first week I have been preparing montages of the various grades on the broadcast and participating in school events. Putting the clips together has taken me almost two weeks because of the VHS format.

I felt proud of the work that I had finished so far, but today my pride was beaten into a bloody pulp by "Ms. Swamp"...Principal. After barging in and interrupting the work (she seems to have a habit of doing this), to speak to me about some meaningless crap (like some floating, high-heeled rain cloud), something possessed me to show her the clips I was working on. Stupid. Idiot. Why ?!

Ms. Swamp: "I don't really think the younger kids are going to want to watch this...I mean they won't care."

Me: (Dying inside, trying not to cry about how much time I spent on these clips.) "Um, well, I...uhhh."

...clips continue...and end.

Ms. Swamp: "Well, I guess it is pretty cute, maybe you can show it at the end?"

Me: (I hate you because you never have anything nice to say..EVER!) "Sure."

Hello September, I hope you get better.

*By everyone, I mean the people within the school who seem to be constantly upset by every meaningless imperfection that goes along with children running a live news broadcast.